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August-Schärttner Arena

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Safety Instructions


In order to ensure a smooth entry, we ask all visitors of the German Open Ju-Jutsu to be patient with the admission control.


We ask you to enter without bags/backpacks/cool bags ect. Only handbags and/or small backpacks (about DIN A4 size) can be carried after a check at the entrance. Larger bags should be left at home.


Please obstain from bringing own food and drinks in the arena!


We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


August-Schärttner Sports Arena

named after the gymnast and revolutionist August Schärttner.


Martin-Luther-King-Straße 48, 63452 Hanau


Web >>>click here


Direction to the Sports Arena


The sports arena can be easily reached by public transport.


The Hanauer Straßenbahn GmbH (HSB) also rides the Arena several times over the weekend.


Timetable information >>>click here


Here you will find the link to the RMV >>>click here


Coordinates: 50°08' 55.42'' N - 8° 55' 13.90'' O




There are about 600 parking spaces at the sports hall.


!!Attention - Important!!


*Right to your own picture


Each visitor/viewer of the German Open Ju-Jitsu will irrevocably consent to all current and future media use photographs and live broadcasts, broadcasts and videos made free of charge for its use by TMG or TMG third parties in connection with the event/or recordings of image and/or sound, if unauthorized interests of the visitor/viewer speak against such use.





The stay at and in the August-Schärttner Halle is at your own risk.


For lost and stolen items, the 3-Team Event Service gUG (host) assumes no liability.


The 3-Team Event Service gUG, its legal representatives or vicarious agents are liable, for whatever legal reason, only in cases of intent or gross negligence.