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August-Schärttner Arena

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August-Schärttner Sports Arena

Due to the ever-increasing range of services, the August-Schärttner-Halle has long been one of the most established sports and event venues in the surrounding area.

Plentifully penetrating daylight and the friendly color of the interior furnish a harmonious and lively atmosphere. Let yourself be surprised!
The hall is designed for handicapped persons. The main entrance is also suitable for wheelchair users by means of a ramp. In case of pre-registration, the inlet is also possible through the side entrance in the ground floor. On the ground floor as well as on the ground floor you will find handicapped toilets.

There are about 600 car parking spaces for our visitors.

   *Built in: 1989
   *Constructed room: 60.500 m²
   *Total useful area: 5.060 m²
   *Usable floor space: 3.000 m²
   *Width: 77 m
   *Length: 116 m
   *Height: 12 m

The event center can accommodate up to 3,800 seats. There are 1,668 grandstands available.

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