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August-Schärttner Arena

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Event History

A non-profit event agency founded by three sports clubs especially for the German Open Ju-Jutsu. This is unique in Germany!

Three clubs from the region:

Sports Club Bushido Erlensee e.V.
Sports Club Budokan Maintal e.V.
Turngemeinde 1837 Hanau a.V.


Our vision: Bring the German Open Ju-Jutsu back to Hanau!

The tournament, not to confuse with the German Championship, is one of the biggest and most important events in this sport.
Every year the international elite meets here to define their champions!

In the years 2001/2002 the first of these championships took place in Hanau (in those days the "Main-Kinzig-Cup") - founded by the Ju-Jutsu department of TG Hanau.

In the following 9 years the German Open were located in Hanau, than - after a short break - for four years in Gelsenkirchen.

Even then, more than 1000 competitors from all over the world travelled to Hanau to compete in different weight classes and disciplines.

Since 2019 the German Open are back in Hanau!