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August-Schärttner Arena

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 Convince with your smile, your friendly arise and your positive charisma!

A major event like the German Open Ju-Jutsu relies on volunteers, because without you such an event can not be mastered.

Get an insight how such a major event "works" and take a look behind the scenes.

What expect you?

  • Two event days
  • 600 fighters from Europe
  • VIP's from politics, sports and business
  • Press and TV
  • and of course - many viewers

In the registration form you can tell us what you want to do - we will of course try to fulfill it!

You help us on both event days, 02./03. October 2021 and if it is possible also on Friday, the 01. October 2020 with the building up.

All volunteers are present at the dismantling on Sunday - many hands ensure a quick end.

Are you paid for your help? No - because your help is voluntary! As a thank you you can keep both polos, and the food for you is of course free on both days.

How old do I have to be to work as a volunteer? From 16 years (signature of the parents), upwards there is no age limit.

What - How - Where

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